Clinics and Services




Practice Nurse

The practice nurse offers advice on diabetes, asthma, COPD and other long-term conditions. She holds clinics for these in addition to her regular clinics for childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations and smears.

Practice nurse appointment


blood pressure check

Health Care Assistant

Our HCA is available for wound management/dressings, suture removal, ear syringing, NHS health checks, new patient health checks, blood pressure monitoring, weight monitoring and lifestyle advice.


Non-NHS Services

The practice offers certain services that are not provided for by the NHS. These attract a fee. Services offered include private sick certificates, insurance claim forms etc. Full details of current fees are available from reception. Payments must, however, be made before any letters or certificates can be released.

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Medical Examinations

We offer a full range of medical examinations including driving medicals (HGV, PSV, elderly etc), employment medicals, sports medicals etc.

Examinations are by appointment only and current fees are listed in the waiting room.


Image of a patient being vaccinated

Flu Clinic

These are held in autumn/winter annually to immunise against influenza. All patients over 65 are eligible as well as those with asthma, COPD, diabetes, cancer and immunological disorders.


Cervical Smears

The smear test is a simple and essentially painless procedure which is important in the very early detection of a condition which could, if left untreated, develop into cancer. Treatments for most conditions are usually straightforward and almost always effective. The local CCG operates a computerised recall system, which ensures that all eligible women aged between 24 and a half - 49 will be offered a test every three years and women aged 50 - 65 every five years.

Appointments can be made with the nurse.

Patient in an appointment


Image of a tooth

Dental Emergencies

Doctors are not trained to deal with dental problems. In a dental emergency please contact your own dentist.


Family Planning

The practice offers a full range of family planning and contraceptive advice. We prescribe the oral contraceptive pill and advise on various other methods of contraception.

We also prescribe emergency contraception (the morning after pill). This advice is available to all ages and is entirely confidential.

image depicting pregnancy