Register with us as a New Patient




New Patient Registration

All newly registered patients are offered a health check with our healthcare assistant. This provides us with the opportunity of taking a brief medical history before we obtain your medical records. Medical treatment is offered from the date of registration.

To register we require proof of address and photo ID (passport or driving licence), and to complete the form below. Your application usually takes two days to process.

If you are registering a child please remember to include details of the nursery or school the child attends.



Named GP

You may be aware that from April 2015 all practices are required to provide all their patients with a named GP who will take responsibility for the co-ordination of all appropriate services and ensure they are delivered where required, based on clinical judgement.

Kensington road surgery patient have been allocated a GP alphabetically on surnames.

  • A-M: Dr Nagra
  • N-Z: Dr Butt
  • Melbourne House Residents: Dr Davies

Private Patients

If you are an overseas visitor from outside the EU and you need urgent medical treatment from the doctor, you may be seen as a private patient for which there will be a cost for the consultation and prescription if needed. In most cases this fee can be claimed back from travel insurance.


Temporary Residents

Please telephone the surgery if a visitor to your home requires a doctor. We can make arrangements for them to be treated on a temporary basis.

Read more about temporary registration