PPG Minutes - May 2024





  • Julie Mayall (JEM) (PM and chair)
  • Carole Bond
  • Jane McAllister
  • Maureen Carter
  • Mary Jaffer
  • Martin Prue
  • Nathalie Pattison
  • Ed Simmonds.


  • Stuart Linnell
  • Michael Cheetham

Welcome and Introductions 

  • Julie welcomed all to the meeting.
  • It was suggested that the mins include the attendees – Julie to circulate to all member for permission.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Actions outstanding:

  • Julie to update website with biographies of current clinical staff
  • Julie to update the PPC notice board with mins.
  • Julie to update website with PPG mins

Staff update

  • Unfortunately, the Reception Manager is no longer in post. Going forward Julie will manage the reception team.
  • The surgery is now able to advertise for an additional GP who will work Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Advertisement is imminent. This will increase appointments for the patient population.
  • Reception has one staff member on long term sick at present.

Surgery Telephone System:

  • Julie had circulated some up-to-date figures taken from the surgery phone system. The figures, including queue wait time clearly show an improvement overall. Figures were taken for Monday 13th to lunchtime on 16th and give a snapshot in time. Positive feedback received from member regarding this data.


  • The surgery is in discussion with clinicians regarding increasing our Face-to-Face appointments currently offered.
  • Asked for opinion of PPG and were in favour of increasing F2F but also aware that some appointments only need a phone call. Is up to reception to appropriately care navigate.
  • Kensington Road offer 15 min F2F after listening to feedback from our clinical staff.
  • This will be on the clinical meeting agenda planned for later in May and for implementation in Julie 24.
  • The local ICB (integrated Care Board) extract figures from our system to monitor this, however it is worth noting that NHS England promote patient choice.
  • PPG felt a survey to all patients may be a good starting point.


  • JM to investigate carrying out survey of F2F versus phone.

Pharmacy Direct

  • Discussed Pharmacy First referral for GP Surgery.
  • The following can be referred to the local chemist who can, if appropriate prescribe. This has been widely advertised however the PPG thought this could be better. Suggestions included putting posters in pharmacy window/library/church etc.

Clinical Pathways for Pharmacy Consultation:

  1. Acute Otitis Media 1 - 17 years
  2. Acute Sinusitis 12 years plus
  3. Acute Sore Throat 5 years plus
  4. Shingles - over 18
  5. UTI, women 16 - 64
  6. Infected insect bites 1 year-plus
  7. Difficult to promote to some existing population who still insist on a GP, more re-education needed.
  8. Julie to consider putting poster on website/Facebook

Summer Open Day

  • All thought this was a good idea as the last one worked very well.
  • Need to promote more/Echo/posters in library etc
  • Action – Julie to speak with Dr Latif regarding date in July


  • Sonia clinical pharmacist to be invited to next meeting to speak on the progress of moving historic acute to repeat if clinically correct


  • Julie to invite Sonia to meeting
  • Dr Obasi to shortly begin is Minor Surgery Injection Clinics
  • Flu season – delayed until October however flu ordered for September and if NHSE allow us to vaccinate in September the surgery will begin with over 65 population.
  • PPG queried demographics for surgery, please see below as promised:

Age Group

0 - 4

5 - 14

15 - 44

45 - 64

65 - 74

75 - 84

85 + 

















Date of Next Meeting: TBA